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#greyhairdontcare - What to do when you notice your first few...

So you’ve noticed a couple of greys and you aren’t sure how you feel about them. You know it doesn’t change who you are, but you can’t help but worry about if you will wake up next week looking like Judi Dench! Here’s a few options...

  1. Highlights - you can disguise your new-found greys with a few lighter foils. These can be as natural as you want, or you can go bolder! Some lighter pieces will blend in the greys whilst leaving out the majority of your natural colour. The results? Something natural that will grow in beautifully and not require very regular top-ups.

  2. Lowlights - like highlights, but these are the same colour or darker than your natural. Lowlights will cover over some of the greys so it will give you the illusion of having less. Like the highlights, this technique will grow in so naturally and it won’t require you to keep visiting the salon super regularly.

  3. Semi/quasi permanent full head colour - what you would call a semi-permanent colour, hair professionals will call a quasi. It’s a colour that lasts around 20-25 washes. The best thing about quasi is that it fades off nicely on your roots rather than you getting a heavy line of “this is where the colour stops and starts”. You won’t get 100% coverage like you would with permanent but you’ll get pretty darn close. We’ve got some clients who come every four weeks for a quasi and some who come every 12 weeks. The best thing is you have a reasonably good level of coverage but you won’t get a heavy line of demarcation when it’s growing in.

  4. Permanent full head colour - this is the ultimate. You don’t want to see one single tiny shiny piece of tinsel? Permanent full colour is for you. Within an hour or so, those greys will be long forgotten and you can embrace the hair you deserve to have! You can either go for a match to your natural, something lighter, darker, brighter! The world is your oyster with permanent colour. However, you’ll have the most obvious roots of all the techniques and can expect to return to the salon within around six weeks.

  5. Go natural! Who says you have to colour your hair? We've got lots of clients who have the most stunning naturally white hair. For others, this is the bravest option of all!

Still not sure what to do? We are always available to offer some advice. Book in for a patch test (a must before any colouring service) and we can do a short consultation on what technique would suit you best. You can book on our online booking platform -

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