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Losing your mind about hair loss?

hair loss medication induced

I’m losing more hair than usual at the moment. This is due to the medication I’m on, so I thought it may be as good a time as any to make blog post about hair loss.

We lose, on average, 50-100 strands of hair a day. Sometimes, we can lose more than this. This could be due to...

- Medications or medical treatment (many medications have this as a side effect, one of the most well known is chemotherapy)

- Having a baby (within 3-5 months of giving birth or later if you are breast feeding)

- Natural hair cycles

- Stress

For those of us experiencing this, it can be distressing, however mild or severe it may be. As hard as it seems, try not to stress - as you can see, stress can be a contributory factor.

Some quick tips are...

- Reduce stress as much as possible

- Brush your hair regularly to dislodge old hairs (if they are going to fall out, brushing won’t make it more or less likely BUT it will clear the path for new growth to come through)

- Stimulate your scalp by massaging it, even brushing will stimulate new growth!

Sometimes, all that will help is a bundle of patience. Please don’t confuse hair loss with snappage. Hair loss is directly from the root and snapping hair is hair in poor condition which snaps further down the shaft.

Hopefully before you know it, you’ll see new growth coming in, just as I did when I finished my first round of this medication. Often getting a haircut will make your hair look and feel thicker too. And who doesn’t feel better after they’ve had their hair done?!

I hope this post has helped, even if it’s just so that you know you are not alone. Feel free to share with anyone that you think this could help!

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