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Team work makes the dream work!

Who is fed up on the usual work night out? Party nights with average food, okay-ish music and aching feet when those far-too-high shoes have been on for too long. Then you have to wait ages for a taxi home in the freezing cold! This year, we decided to do something different.

Edinburgh escape rooms

With Sharon's baby due next month and Louise still 17 (only for two weeks!), we wanted to do something that didn't revolve around alcohol. A bit of research brought up the Department of Magic website - a Harry Potter themed escape room based in Edinburgh. Louise is a huge Potter fan so as an early birthday celebration, we got it booked! Yesterday we hopped on the train and headed through to the capital!

When we arrived at the escape room, we were invited to put on some magic cloaks and enter the first of three rooms to start our challenge. What a challenge it was! At first, we were all clamouring about, looking for clues and confusing ourselves and one another about what exactly we were supposed to be doing. After a couple of minutes, we realised we needed to work together to get further on with the challenge. Carrie and Sharon naturally gravitated together and Louise put her Potter knowledge to use - after what seemed like an age, we completed the first room!

The second room required the different challenges to be completed at the same time! The stress levels were running high but as soon as we entered the room, we discovered a strategy so we could all work together and figure it out. Soon we were moving on to room three.

This was so much fun and again, the teamwork came naturally and we solved the puzzle far quicker. There was a final challenge at the end which Louise and Sharon seemed to have sussed! I am ashamed to say Carrie and I were flapping about at that point until Carrie completed the final piece. We completed the escape rooms with 3 seconds to spare!

snapchat filter Carrie and Kim

Upon reflection, this is a lot like how we work in the salon. There is no hierarchy, no "bossing" and no rubbish jobs that only get passed to the juniors. We all work together as a team and the salon wouldn't function the same without one or any of us being a part of the team. As we get nearer to Sharon's last working day before baby comes, I have never been more grateful for the team we are.

cocktails for Louise and Sharon

We finished off the

team building experience by going for lunch at Gusto and cocktails (and mocktails) at Tigerlily on George Street, Edinburgh. We were home by times have changed!

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