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Are you organised yet?

It’s the end of October. We’ve all started thinking about Christmas, even if we aren’t talking about it yet. No doubt, you have a works night out planned, and perhaps also a girls night, your partners work night…then there’s the big day! You want to look and feel your best before the house descends into a chaos of wrapping paper, guests arriving and copious amounts of “Muuuuummm!!” We are here to help! Here’s our top tips on how to make it through the next nine weeks.

  1. Book your appointments early. The salon is so busy by the middle to end of November, and we know you’ve already got party nights booked. Why not arrange your hair appointments for the day of your night out? You’ve had your roots done and hair styled all in one! Perfect.

  2. Aftercare, aftercare, aftercare! If you are getting your treatments done in advance, keep them at their best by following the aftercare advice to a T. Had your colour done? Make sure you are using colour specific shampoo and conditioner (we currently have sets in the salon at £18.99 for a shampoo, conditioner and an oil that can be used before or after you’ve blow dried.) Make sure you are using a heat defence spray when using heated tools. Thermal Image is on sale in the salon and ideal for defence against breakage.

  3. Treat yourself. Why not come in for a blow dry ahead of Christmas or New Years Eve? We are open on 23rd December and 30th December. It’ll save you a job and get you out of the house and away from the chaos!

  4. Escape the madness! If Christmas doesn’t bother you, we are open between Christmas and New Year, so nip in when all the fuss has died down and get your treatments done then. Some of us are happy to make our appointments in the calmer period. If that’s you, check out our diary for Twixmas (that’s the trendy name for in between Christmas and New Year…)

I hope some of these tips help make the festive season a bit easier for you! If you have any more questions, you can email us. Below are our opening hours for the festive period. You can book online now by visiting our booking page or clicking here.

Saturday 23rd December 8:30am-4pm

Sunday 24th – Tuesday 26th December CLOSED

Wednesday 27th December 9am-6pm

Thursday 28th December 11am-8pm

Friday 29th December 9am-6pm

Saturday 30th December 9am-6pm

Sunday 31st December – Tuesday 2nd January CLOSED

Wednesday 3rd January REOPEN

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